Your worst boss

Who’s the worst boss you’ve ever had?

You! When I heard Seth Godin say that, it made me chuckle. It’s true. You wouldn’t keep working for someone who constantly berates you, calls you names, questions your capabilities, continually compares you to others.

Our negative internal voice can be relentless.

But, I believe we also are the Best boss we’ve ever had. Because we keep picking ourselves up and trying again. We keep stretching the boundaries of our comfort zones. We keep learning and growing.

And the Best boss says, “See that goal? You can get there. I believe in you. You have strengths and capabilities you haven’t used yet. Let’s go for it. Show me what you’ve got. I will help you.”

We all are continuous learners. Let’s make a point of learning something new this week. Broaden our comfort zone a little.

And make this week one of Thanks Giving for all we have the capability to do … and be … because we’re not finished growing yet. We never will be. Your Best boss knows that.

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