Are You A Thoughtful Leader?

Perhaps you do your best work when you have time to process your thoughts. You may be fine in impromptu settings but relish time later to think about what was said. You refuel best when you have time to yourself to think.

The fact is Thoughtful Leaders show up in many different ways.

Personally, Thoughtful Leaders may be:

  • Reflective
  • Insightful
  • Active listeners
  • Creative
  • Unassuming
  • Hold more inside than expressed
  • Speak freely when passionate about a topic
  • Confident in what they know but may not always vocalize it
  • Best when they have time to themselves to think and re-energize

Professionally, Thoughtful Leaders often exhibit the above traits and can be:

  • Ambitious
  • Humble
  • Well respected
  • Credible mentors
  • Trusted advisors
  • People developers
  • Confidants for other leaders
  • Tremendously valuable to their companies
  • Known for doing what they say they will do
  • Persuasive
  • Introspective
  • Modest
  • Self-critical

Every Thoughtful Leader is a unique combination of strengths, expertise, style and personality traits. Many are multi-faceted, which is why Thoughtful Leader Coaching is so effective with its client tailored approach.

Are you a Thoughtful Leader? Coaching will draw out your very best and develop you even further.

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