Coaching for the Thoughtful Leader

Coaching is a powerful process that enables you to express your thoughts, explore possibilities and consider new alternatives. It helps you view people and situations from different perspectives while encouraging you to play with ideas and broaden your thinking for strategic action.

While coaching is beneficial to most people, for Thoughtful Leaders it holds even greater power.

The business environment today moves fast, decisions are made quickly, and often there is little time to reflect. Many work environments are open, often noisy. Not ideal for the deep, reflective thinking TLs prefer. Some leaders find, as they grow in their roles, their opportunities to converse in an impartial setting are limited.

Coaching with Mary is an objective, mind-opening conversation with only one agenda: your success.

Coaching increases your awareness of the ways in which your strengths, experience, talents and expertise intertwine and position you for growth. You learn to communicate more effectively to get the results you want, even in challenging situations. Leadership skills that come naturally to you are strengthened and the ones you wish to develop are cultivated.

“Mary’s intuition and careful listening allowed her to quickly re-frame my perspective, turning challenges into opportunities and illuminating a path I hadn’t been able to see.
“aha” moments I experienced were too numerous to count.”
Senior Associate Director, Business Development

Many leaders slog through weeds every day. Coaching lifts you up and out of those weeds enabling you to see what you can do differently and take action to achieve it.

“Mary not only challenged my way of thinking about myself, and certain situations, but also increased my confidence level. I have grown both personally and professionally. I often hear her voice in my head when I am working with my team. It is evident that this is her passion and my success is her goal, not just mine. It has truly been an invaluable experience.”
Business Process Manager

Coaching is for you, about you, not dictated to you. You learn more about yourself and grow in ways you may not expect.  You come to our sessions with topics you want to discuss and together we draw out the best in you through powerful questions and your committed action toward your goals.

You are supported as you develop new habits, experience changes in mindset, and shift the way you communicate.

If you think you would flourish in a small group setting, my Mastermind for Thoughtful Leaders may be ideal for you.

Ready to take action? Contact me to let me know your goals and the action you want to take.

Why I work with Thoughtful Leaders

Over the years I have become a more extroverted introvert, as needed. But at my core, I remain an introvert. I love to listen and ask questions instead of talking about myself. I also enjoy facilitating groups and workshops. Yet I need quiet time to think and write. My energy dissipates when I’m in noisy environments for too long. Quiet time (and a long walk) invigorates me to do my best work.

Because I know what it’s like to juggle work, family, personal commitments and a need for quiet time to do my best thinking, I am committed to helping Thoughtful Leaders realize what is possible for them. It is my passion and purpose as a coach to enable TLs to flourish. I know you carry within you strengths, capabilities and possibilities that are waiting to be unleashed.

I coach TLs because I have experienced countless times over the years what they do when they are empowered to be more of themselves, when they have someone who believes in them.

“You believed in me before I believed in myself. Now I know what I’m capable of. I know what I can be and do as a leader. I know what to stop doing that is not good for me or others. I know that I am a stronger leader and have a more cohesive team now because I’ve made changes that are making a difference. Others have noticed it, too. It feels good.” Marketing Director

TLs may not show up the same as their more extroverted colleagues, but they are as sharp, as creative, and generate outstanding contributions, particularly when they have time to think. They also can draw out the best in others as they listen intently and ask insightful questions.

“Mary provides a perspective that is objective and not biased or judgmental. Our coaching partnership has helped me have a renewed sense of focus and a greater sense of self. Mary doesn’t provide advice but rather offers thought-provoking questions to put you in the driver’s seat. She helped me formulate my vision of success by helping me realize the seemingly impossible is possible.
I think when someone is feeling frustrated, stuck, or just looking for a change, a coach is the instrument for change. The hard part is realizing the change has to begin with yourself before you can invoke change in others. I look forward to my calls with Mary.”
Executive Director

Ready to get started? Contact me today and let’s schedule your free 20 minute ‘get acquainted’ call.

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