Tell us something positive

For years, I’ve started group meetings on an upbeat note to give everyone a chance to say something and get to know each other a little better. I ask everyone in the room to tell us something positive — professional, personal or both — that’s happened or is happening in their life. Briefly.

I’ve been amazed at what’s been shared. Everything from kids’ milestones, travel plans, something they’ve started or achieved. I’ll always remember the manager who told us how relieved he was that his 10-year-old daughter finally had some relief from a new medication that reduced her almost-daily migraines. We were surprised because he hadn’t talked about this before. It drove home that we don’t always know what people are experiencing.

You may want to give it a try, especially now with the crazy time we’re in. Tell us something positive ensures you hear from everyone. It’s uplifting and sets the tone for the meeting. I’ve seen it prompt later conversations that led to working better together, new connections.

Some have said they think about what they’ll share on the way to the meeting. That momentary review of what’s positive is heartening for them.

This can work with family and friends, too. Everyone needs some uplifting now.

A friend told me this week her positive is walking her dog, breathing in fresh air, noticing what’s starting to bloom.

Don’t hesitate to send me one (or more) of yours and what you hear. I’d love to read them. And maybe share a few. We have months to go in this crazy time we’re experiencing. I’m glad to raise some spirits along the way.

I believe finding positives in what we’re going through helps shore up our immune system, too. That’s good for all.

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