Mastermind For Quiet Leaders

 Be more of the leader you want to be

If that thought has been on your mind, then my Mastermind for Quiet Leaders may be just right for you.

Subtly powerful, this Mastermind (MM) for Quiet Leaders (QLs) shifts the way you think about yourself and work with others. You learn what outstanding leaders do and experiment with leadership behaviors that are proven to make a real difference. Participants have grown tremendously through their experiences in this small group environment.

I am opening up a limited number of MM groups in 2018, so if you are a QL who wants to make a difference, contact me.

Quiet Leaders are some of the most passionate, successful leaders in history and today. They are natural introverts with the ability to extrovert as needed. They do it every day. This Mastermind enables them do it even better.   

Benefits are Many

Participating in the MM for QLs broadens your perspective and your opportunities for rich and rewarding experiences. QLs say the small group environment is energizing, confidential and action-oriented.

Your goal to be the best leader you can be stays top of mind. When facing challenging situations, you think more creatively. Take action you hadn’t considered before. Communicate, delegate and develop your people in ways that lead to better results.

“With every group call, I walked away with a thought or idea that I incorporated into my thinking or put into practice with my team. Our 1:1 coaching conversations helped me refine my thinking. You challenged me and yet allowed me to go at my own pace. You helped me put legs on a project I’ve wanted to launch for some time.” Director, Global Company

Why a Mastermind for Quiet Leaders

My passion and purpose is drawing out the best in QLs. I have been coaching QLs for years and know what happens when good, solid leaders broaden their thinking and shift the way they deal with situations. MM participants say they think about and apply the insights garnered from the sessions long afterwards. It is powerful!

I want more QLs to expand their thinking about themselves and their possibilities. Strengthen their leadership skills in their unique ways. That’s why I facilitate MMs for QLs.

In this MM you learn more about yourself, other leaders and proven success factors. I have benefited from participating in MMs myself. I built wonderful relationships, but the introvert in me found the larger groups with 8 – 16 participants too big. I prefer a small group where everyone has opportunity to talk and I get to know each participant. My MMs have a maximum of five and minimum of three participants.

MMers learn so much from the small group discussions. Plus, in our monthly 1:1 coaching sessions (included) they get traction on topics they bring to the call.

I truly believe what Napoleon Hill said many years ago:
“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the mastermind].”

It is incredible what comes from that third mind, which would never exist on its own. We create it in our small groups.

The best leaders know that leadership is a continuous learning experience. A never-ending practice. An exciting and rewarding journey. Many QLs, no matter how successful they are, at times question themselves, their thoughts, their actions, their responses. In this MM we use doubt to stimulate growth.

Is this Mastermind for You?

This MM is for you if you are a leader with good instincts, have a solid reputation and want to be an even better leader. When you speak up, people listen because they know you typically are thoughtful about what you say. You can be spontaneous, in fact you often are. But your norm is to be thoughtful about decisions, moves, best actions.

Ideal Participant

■ good listener, honest, candid, positive attitude
■ willing to stretch your comfort zone
■ willing to share experiences
■ committed to your goals and those of the group
■ ready to take action
■ in a leadership role


The best QLs choose the high road when facing a decision. Inspire others through their actions and words. Look for what can be improved. Challenge norms. Facilitate change. Enable others to stretch. Experiment. Deal with difficult people. We cover these topics and more in our group calls.

We discuss specific leadership behaviors proven to make a positive difference, habits that serve you well, how your mindset affects your actions as a leader and more.

You learn from others in the group as we discuss content, gaining insight from their questions, experiences and perspectives. Plus, with your 1:1 coaching call with me each month, you get to talk about topics specific to you, focused on you, all about you, so that you can grow even more.

This MM provides you with tools, a platform, a sounding board and coaching to be the best leader you can be.

“Being part of this MM for QLs has been such a great learning experience for me, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. You have, as always, set up an amazing program to help leaders reach their potential. ….I thank you and my team thanks you for making me a better leader!” Manager, Global Company


We meet for 6 months:
■ two group calls/month
■ one 1:1 coaching call/month
■ all sessions by phone for 60 minutes

First Group Call each month: Topic content is sent the week prior to give you time to read a brief article and think about the questions. Everyone comes to the call prepared to discuss.

Second Group Call each month: We discuss examples of putting content into action and/or challenges you are facing.

1:1 Coaching Session each month: You schedule your 1:1 coaching call at a time that works for you. This call is all about you, so we focus on whatever topics or situations you bring to the call.


There are two payment options:

1) Pay in full prior to the first group session: $2,145
2) Pay in six (6) monthly automatic payments: $397/month = $2,382

PayPal enables you to use credit, debit or direct withdrawal. Monthly payments are fully automated and start prior to the first group call.

Apply Today

My goal is to have a good mix of QLs in each group, so your completed application is very important. Please include:
— why you want to be part of this MM for QLs
— your top priorities to get from this six-month program
— strengths you will bring to the group

See the list of proposed days/times for the group calls in the application. Be sure to indicate which ones could work for you. The more options you select the better.

I look forward to receiving your application. I will schedule a phone interview with those who appear to be a good fit. If you don’t make it into the next group, you may be put on a wait list for future Masterminds.

Next Steps

I hope you are excited about being part of my MM for QLs. Email me your interest at and don’t hesitate to let me know what questions are on your mind.

You are welcome to tell others who are high caliber leaders like you about this MM for QLs. Thank you in advance for doing that!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.