Dig deeper

There are times I read something and it hits me at my core, connects with me in a meaningful way. I have no problem remembering the words. That’s what I felt when I read these three succinct statements in the New Yorker:

Dig deeper.
Think harder.
Look further.

It hit me because it’s what I do. But not always. I have to work on looking further. I find journaling helps me dig, think, look. Deeper, harder, further. Writing helps me uncover what is below my surface thinking.

It also hit me because helping others uncover what is below their surface is one of the reasons I love coaching. I encourage the person I’m coaching to think beyond their immediate response. It’s amazing what comes out when I ask, “What more do you want to say”? Or, “What else are you thinking?” And really listen. Most of us have depths of thought that typically are left untouched. But when asked by a person who wants to really listen objectively to what you’re thinking, it comes out.

During this month of Thanksgiving, I am intentionally expressing thanks every day for people and things I love, things I take for granted, people who have made a difference in my life. I am praying for those whose lives have been turned upside down.

And I’m passing on to you — one of my cherished readers — what is meaningful to me. So, today, take a couple of minutes to dig deeper, think harder, look further. Enjoy what you find.

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