Be light, seek light, share light

When I think of leaders I’ve worked with over the years, the stand outs (there are many) are those who habitually create environments where people flourish and grow. They bring light, openness and heart to difficult situations. They encourage others’ input, always looking for new or better ways to do what is done. They share the light of recognition, including those often overlooked.

Here are some examples of what leaders do to Be Light, Seek Light, Share Light.

Be Light
“Bridget” focuses daily on doing what she and her team can do to the best of their ability, always open to what could make it better. She encourages input and questions, listens to what others think, seeks understanding of what led them to think it. She appreciates “What if…” and “I’d like to try…” Her people respect her for valuing their input, allowing them to take risks. They all grow from it. Bridget strives to be a beacon of light no matter the turmoil.

Leaders who intentionally learn from others and from difficult situations, who face each day as an opportunity to grow, and acknowledge when they’ve made a mistake, create, by example, environments where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and be their best.

Seek Light
“Ben” loves unlocking doors and cranking open painted-shut windows to find new light. He goes where he hasn’t been before, broadening his perspective by connecting with people he doesn’t always interact with to learn about what they do. He encourages his people to do the same. He uses his genuine curiosity to help him talk with people he doesn’t know.

Innovative leaders are open to seeing things from different perspectives. They’re willing to consider new ideas, have difficult conversations, change what is to make it better. The trusted environment they create is focused on the greater good for the organization. They encourage people to grow and walk through doors they may not have considered before.

Share Light
“Bernie” never hesitates to give credit, even for things others overlook. Giving people opportunities to shine and receive acknowledgement, no matter how small a part they’ve played, warms her heart. She knows everyone contributes to the larger picture, and when they feel valued for something they’ve done, they’ll strive to do even better next time.

Leadership is all about developing others. When your people are successful, you are successful. The best leaders share what they know, share how they do it, and definitely share the attention they receive for achieving goals. Because they know they could not achieve them alone.m

Be light, seek light, share light. What does this bring up for you? What might you do better? Would you like some support? I’d love to hear from you.

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