Are you languishing or thriving?

A plant in my backyard has languished since the trees, and beautiful bougainvillea entwined in them, were removed. I hated to see our lush, jungle-like yard change to a sunny, somewhat barren look and feel, but it had to be done because the branches were pulling on the wires.

This plant was not happy with the change. Its branches have been losing color and practically laying down from the sunlight. And yet, new growth in its center has appeared for the first time in years. Strong, healthy new growth standing up in the sunlight.

A friend who knows plants said to cut off all the old branches. They can’t handle the new environment. But the new growth obviously wants to live, so nurture it and I’ll have a plant that has acclimated to its surroundings.

This morning, the new growth looked like it had grown an inch. It’s as if this plant has a new lease on life. It hit me that it is demonstrating how people deal with change.

When something in our environment changes, particularly if it is unexpected, many feel uncomfortable, betrayed, beaten, and resist the change. Some remain that way, hoping what was the norm will return, stuck in their old ways.

Some see the new environment as opportunity for growth and sprout anew, adapting to the change. They thrive with this mindset.

The old limbs languishing on this plant will have to be cut away to allow the new growth to thrive. Just as we must cut limiting, stuck-in-our-ways thinking from our mindset.

Let’s be like this new growth. View change as opportunity to sprout, explore, learn what we’re capable of. Allow each new day to bring opportunities for new growth, new awareness, and a willingness to stand tall in the sunshine.

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